Monday, August 21, 2006

That's Hypocrisy!!!!

The world is filled with things that are done in the name of political correctness or government regulations or just trying to please all the people all the time. Rarely do these things ever make much sense. So welcome to the first installment of:

That's Hypocrisy!!!!!

You ever try to watch your favorite movie on regular TV? There's the usual editing for time and squeezing in commercials and stuff. And language. You gotta take out all the offensive language. There are some things that we all can agree are offensive (the usual four-letter words) and some which are subjective (some networks won't let you take the Lord's name in vain). Then there's the case of the 1974 Mel Brooks classic, "Blazing Saddles."

Now, this is one movie which is so hilarious that it's still amusing even when butchered by network Standards & Practices. But my gripe is with the familiar "Beans around the campfire" scene.

I don't remember how old I was when I first saw this movie but here's the thing: no matter how old you are, farting is always funny. And multiple farts are that much funnier. So I'm watching "Blazing Saddles" for the millionth time and it's on some local channel and we come to this classic scene. And the men are eating the beans and each one stands up and I hear a horse whinnying. A horse whinnying? Bizarre, yeah, but when did farting become so offensive that it can't be broadcast? And not even the word...the sound effect!

Okay, but here comes the hypocrisy. Whoever is in charge of editing for broadcast determined that farting sounds have to go but the word "nigger"? That's all over the place. So we've finally come to a point in society where insulting an entire race of people is okay but hearing the sounds of people breaking wind is just too offensive for sensitive ears. In my opinion, that's hypocrisy!!!!


Dave Gelman said...

A funny bit on the farting scene...

An acquaintence was working nights at Comedy Central, which happened to be airing Blazing Saddles at the time. A call came in to the studio:

Friend: Comedy Central, how can I help you?
Caller: Where are my farts, I want my farts back!
Friend: Excuse me?
Caller: This is Mel Brooks calling. You are airing my movie, Blazing Saddles, and you've cut the fart scene. It's essential! I want my farts back!

Comedy Central, like other stations, receives the edited copies that run on TV from the studios, so he was arguing with the wrong person. But when have you last been accused of cutting farts in _that_ way?

JLynn said...

If farting is so offensive it's a wonder all but the opening and closing credits of "Sex in the City" didn't end up on the cutting room floor.

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