Monday, January 22, 2007

Buenos Blog, Day 5

January 17th

Today’s crazy American tourist lady sighting occurred in the lobby. She’s wearing a top with horizontal red and white stripes and white pants. Same big white sunglasses, same big white earrings, same quiet, Fred Mertz-looking husband. In fairness to the husband, he really looks nothing like Fred Mertz and lacks the loud personality. But there’s something Fred Mertz about him which I just can’t place. The lady leaves and I figure that Liz missed her. But she informs us that the woman was spotted up by the pool, wearing the same outfit. Whew.

Wanda and Susannah have arrived for this morning’s prepro. It really should be a no-brainer, with the only big issue being the music. We could have discussed this earlier but I really prefer to discuss these things in person as opposed to over the phone. The meeting is being held at the director (Tina) and producer’s (Suzanne) hotel because of yesterday’s horrible conference call. I neglected to mention the issue with the phones.

The conference call was held at Hotel Madero despite the fact that Tina and Suzanne are staying somewhere else. Apparently, Hotel Madero has some kick-ass phones. So we go to the assigned room. There are 5 of us but there is enough food and bottled water for many more. You can never really have enough snacks. That’s just a fact. But what about the phone? Apparently it’s not available. Is there really just one speakerphone? This becomes a subject of debate but times awastin’ so we decide to call individually. I don’t have my phone with me so I use Topher’s and Liz uses her own. The echo is really odd. If Liz is talking, I need to hold the phone away from my ear because there’s a slight delay, which makes listening really difficult.

Meanwhile, I still haven’t been able to access the Internet. This is why I’ve been so far behind in posting these blogs. I just got an Ethernet cable from the front desk. Wireless is available in the lobby to everyone except me, it seems. So I keep trying to download the casting but no dice. We’re discussing casting over the phone but not looking at it so we’re mostly going from memory. The whole thing is pretty annoying so in protest, we steal all the water and a bunch of croissants. That’ll learn ‘em!

Today’s call went much better despite one odd comment from the client, which I won’t go into here. There food selection is also good, including these mini molten chocolate cakes. The only problem with them is that they’re small enough that they don’t require any biting. I’m popping them in my mouth.

And now it’s time for lunch. We go to El Mirasol, not far from the hotel and very close the Cabaña Las Lilas (the steakhouse from day 3). I had the goat for no reason other than it’s there. I can’t say that it tastes like chicken because it doesn’t. It’s pretty tough but I don’t know if it’s been overcooked or if goal is naturally tough. Either way, it’s not baaaaaaaaad (come on, none of you saw that coming?).

Susannah and I are sitting next to each other and facing the nice, brown water. But interrupting our view is a table of four older women. One woman is having a bit of a wardrobe problem, which prompts Susannah to say, “I’m sorry but that woman needs to put her boobs away.” I may have this put on a t-shirt. I’m usually pretty open-minded when it comes to free-floating boobs but Susannah’s right. They need to be stowed. We also catch some guy begging for money while playing the accordian. You gotta give him credit. That's a heavy instrument. Kids around here ask for money as well but only after performing. See, that's an interesting thing. You wanna ask for money? Fine. But first, dance for me, monkey! The kids here stand at traffic lights and juggle.

I wonder how many people I just pissed off.

Speaking of t-shirt slogans, every restaurant here, and everywhere outside of the US, offers water with bubbles (con gas) or without (sin gas). I want to make a t-shirt that simply says, “SIN GAS”. The meaning in the US would be lost on everyone so it would just be one of those non-sequitor-type of things.

I finally had some helados (ice cream) today. Like the beef, it’s supposed to be the best in the world. It was very good, but best in the world? This is truly a nation not shy about tooting their own horns.

We’re back on Florida Street, this time for the benefit of Susannah and Wanda. Liz wisely suggests splitting up so no one feels like they have to wait for someone else. We did this once before but I got Julietta. Now I’m on my own and feeling a bit out of place. I can’t imagine why. I’m 5300 miles from home and I don’t speak the language. So I wander into some kind of sporting goods store and get a soccer shirt for Aaron. This after some guy tries to help me but doesn’t speak any English. So I go to pay and I’m asked for my ID. Some part of me figured that my New Jersey driver’s license would suffice, especially because I don’t know why they need ID. It seems to be customary when confused-looking Americans pay with a credit card. Eventually, three different people are arguing with each other and with me about needing a passport and why don’t I carry it around with me and why haven’t I memorized the number? I’m too flustered to just make up a number so they’ll leave me alone. Exhaustion sets in on everyone’s part and I’m given the shirt without the extra ID. Crazy foreigners…

The phone rings and it’s Topher wondering why I’m not in the lobby to go out to dinner. I’ve hit the wall and I’m just too tired so I apologize and fall asleep again. According to everyone else, some of them ordered salmon and after a half hour, one dinner was brought out along with apologies that this is the only salmon they had left. Also, 7 making out couples were spotted. One of them was a bit creepy. A really old guy and a much younger female. I guess money can buy you love.

More Spanish learned from American TV: Claro (sure), basta (stop), callate (shut up), nos vamos (I’ll see ya).

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Anonymous said...

Rather than "sin gas" and "con gas" it's much easier to just ask "sin?" or "con?"