Thursday, April 17, 2008

#100!! The dark side of the street

Welcome to my hundredth blog entry.  That number should be a lot higher but you just can't fight laziness, you know?

According to some actor friends of mine, a true rite of passage is appearing in an episode of "Law & Order".  It's actually not that hard to do.  The franchise has been on the air since 1990 and they all shoot in New York, so appearing in some form or another on one of these shows is just something everyone around here gets to do.  And, much like the excitement a Jersey resident got when he'd see a familiar location on "The Sopranos", it's kind of fun seeing someone you know eating a slice of pizza in the background on L&O.

What was disturbing was seeing familiar faces from my childhood.  After the familiar DUM DUM sound effect, a man and his son are seen walking through the woods in Central Park.  The son is giving his dad a hard time as the father picks up trash and comes upon a dead body.  But the dad is none other than Roscoe Orman—Gordon on Sesame Street.  He's been Gordon since 1973.  Now he's picking up trash and getting sh*t from his son on L&O?  Are things that bad on the Street?

There was another episode where a young boy was accused of murder.  They found him living 
with his grandfather, played by Emilio Delgado!  Luis has been working in the Fix It Shop since 1971!  Now he's harboring murderers?  My childhood memories are crumbling.  All I need now is to see Bob holding hostages on an episode of "Dexter".

Gina the vet (Alison Bartlett) has been on as well but she's after my time.  And I think she played a judge.  Not the same thing.  

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Mazal tov on 100 posts.