Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Play Ball (right after these ceremonial announcements)

A brave version of "The Star Spangled Banner" crackled through the outfield speakers, signifying one thing: the next American Idol will not be from Montville Township. But it also signifies the official beginning of baseball season here in my own little corner of suburbia.

I don't know when Little League season became an occasion of pomp and pageantry. In the suburbia of my youth, Little League began when the first game was played. No big deal. Maybe it's a geographical thing. New Jersey has had teams in the Little League World Series. Growing up on Long Island, I'm not sure I ever heard of it. Everyone thought I was nuts when I questioned the need for a parade.

And after the last fire truck has passed and the last team wanders by, it's time for the opening ceremonies. It's basically a generic prayer for sportsmanship and good weather or something, followed by the thanking of the sponsors and the selling of all sorts of stuff to benefit the league. This "stuff" includes the snacks n stuff for sale at 5th Base. And with the beginning of baseball season comes the first request from the kids for food. 10:30 am and I'm buying fries for the boy.
Someone stole third base last season and they
still haven't solved the case.

And the prayer for good weather? There hasn't been one game played so far.

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