Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Interview With Gordon Sims

Joining the staff here at Greetings From Suburbia is a guy who goes by the alias of Gordon Sims. Gordon is a writer in his own right and has made appearances as a roving reporter on the Buckley & Potfry Experiment and will be bringing his unique look at the world to you from time to time at Gordon Sims Sez with occasional sightings on the very funny The Nose On Your Face. I recently had the chance to sit down with Mr. Sims to get his thoughts on this new venture.

Me: Hi Gordon. Welcome to Greetings From Suburbia.

Gordon: Yeah, thanks.

Me: Why Gordon Sims?

Gordon: It's Venus Flytrap's real name. Remember WKRP in Cincinnati? Good stuff. But I don't know why I chose that name. I'm not black. He wasn't my favorite character.

Me: The current blog here is all about observations and annoyances in and around suburban life. What can readers expect from your musings?

Gordon: Well, where you make fun of the people and things that are taken way too seriously, I do a similar thing with the news.

Me: Is it funny?

Gordon: No, it sucks. That's why I'm doing it. Of course it's funny.

Me: Who are your inspirations?

Gordon: I've always liked satire so I love The Onion or shows like The Daily Show or The Colbert Report. Let's be honest: there isn't much out there that is safe from satire. I mean, say what you will about the current political climate, but it's provided a lot of news for people like me to joke about and has probably spawned thousands of parody websites.

Me: I'm sorry, were you talking just now?

Gordon: Great. Just tell your readers to check me out at Gordon Sims Sez from time to time.

Me: I will. Thanks for coming by and good luck.

Gordon: You talk to yourself much?

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