Friday, February 11, 2011

Goodbye New York

Things have quieted down from an excretory standpoint. We drove by JFK (the airport, not the president) at noon. I'm glad the dog has stopped crapping, but now he's whimpering like crazy. We also lost use of the radio when I tried pairing it with my iPhone. Apparently, you can't do this while the car is moving and Jeremy has no intention of stopping. He wants to get through DC by rush hour.

So I crawled into the back seat and let the Dog Whimperer of his cage. He climbed all over me and then settled down on the floor by my feet.

I spoke too soon. He just threw up. I guess I can't blame him. The Belt Parkway needs a new pave job.

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Location:Somewhere along the Jersey Turnpike, around exit 5.

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