Saturday, February 12, 2011

Summing up

I've been driving the entire time, which made blogging difficult, especially at the speeds at which we were traveling. But after stopping at McDonald's for a #1 (see what I did there?), I have relinquished my job as key master and now I can try to remember everything I wanted to say. And my memory sucks.

South Carolina ended uneventfully enough and we were down to 2 states. Jeremy pointed out that we'd only be in Georgia for a couple of hours,

which was cool, but then squashed my buzz by reminding me that Florida would be about 5 hours. Maybe that's why he just chugged a 5 Hour Energy.

Huh. I was gonna say something about Georgia but I'm drawing a blank. Maybe that says something about 95 through the Peachtree State.

The dog rode up front with us. Maybe that was it. Or is it that I need to decide where I'm crashing tonight?

Anyway, I've been referring to this little English Golden Retriever as "dog" for the whole trip but he does have a name. My nephew came up with Chili. As in chili dog. Or is it "Chilly?" Wait, I'll ask...

The driver says it's actually "Chilli." So neither one. It refers to something Jack (the nephew) did online a little while ago. Never mind. Jeremy isn't crazy about it but he'll go for it if the full name can be "Chilli Ray Valentine." now THAT'S awesome.

Lookin' good, Billy Ray!
Feelin' good, Lewis!

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