Thursday, June 02, 2011

The Other Half

I used to wonder what It was like being a tourist in NYC. I once mused that I'd never experience the kind of wonder and awe a first-time visitor to the city must feel when they stand at 46th and Broadway and get hit with a sensory overload of the chaos that is the "Crossroads of America."

Unemployment has brought me some unwanted extra time on my hands. I'm a slave to the schedules of employed people and whatever trains or busses can take me to them. So now, instead of rushing through the tourists of Times Square on my way to work, I find myself sitting amongst them.

But even though I feel like one of them, I must not look like them. It seems that everyone us having every manner of brochure or ticket offer forced into their hands, but I'm being ignored. And I'm not wearing my "Screw Off" hat! It's thrilling and a little confusing at the same time. No one is asking me to take their picture either. All I can do until my meeting is sit here, enjoy another Dunkin Donuts iced coffee (best coffee ever), and count how many "na na na na" verses there are in "Hey Jude" (18).

Don't you want to ask me if I want to see a comedy show?

Hey, ask ME if I've ever seen 'Pricilla, Queen of the Desert."

Okay, you can keep walking.

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