Thursday, June 30, 2011

What Would Woody Say?

"Gee that was a swell sandwich!"
When I think about it, today's lunch was probably just...wrong.

When it comes to meals, I'm really unimaginative.  Or lazy.  Most food decisions are made standing in front of an open fridge or pantry or something.  Today, I spotted some corned beef in the freezer.  I remember tossing it in there because the pastrami went bad about 20 minutes after I opened the package.  So okay, corned beef.  I'll have a corned beef sandwich.  But on what?

I didn't have any rye.  Wheat bread?  No way.  I probably should have had the challah roll but instead, I went for the other thing I saw in the freezer.  Behind the fish sticks.  A bagel.

Corned beef on a bagel!  Yes!  I'll thaw it out, toast it, add a little mustard and I'll be set.  It was delicious.  I stuffed it in my face as I drove to the library.  And then it occurred to me: it was a plain bagel.  Did I just eat a corned beef sandwich on, essentially, white bread?

I've been unemployed for around 6 weeks now and I think it's starting to take its toll.  Hopefully things will work out before my Member Of The Tribe renewal comes due on Yom Kippur.

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Marcy Sue said...

Don't think of it as white bread. It is a bagel and that is in a totally different category than anything else (unless you purchased said bagel outside of the tri-state area and/or bought something as ghastly as a pre-packaged frozen bagel made in a factory in some territory of unknown origin).

I do, however, personally prefer a bagel with something on it. My newest favorite being sunflower seeds. But rest assured that a plain bagel is not outlawed by our tribe. Fish sticks, however, are up for debated.