Monday, March 10, 2008

Cube World

After around 15 years of having and office of one size or another, I was downgraded to a cubicle.  This happened to the whole department, not just me.   People who already work in cubicles will have very little sympathy for me but these aren't the cooler, more modern cubicles with high walls and a doorway.  I sit in a section of 8 cubes, each one with walls no higher than 4 feet.  In a sitting position, I can still see everyone around me.  The lack of privacy is hard to get used to but I cope.  Most of the people around me work in pharma so I get to overhear conversations that include terms like "unscheduled bleeding".  

The guy behind me has a tickle in his throat.  He's had it for some time.  But unlike the tickle where you can clear your throat and be done with it, this guy's tickle requires futile throat noises that border on animal-like.  It's a constant thing and really quite annoying.  It got even more annoying when I overheard him telling the woman next to him that he wasn't too keen on taking medication for it.  Thanks, buddy!

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