Sunday, March 09, 2008

Let's Look In On The Resolutions!

It's a tradition for millions of people every January: the New Year's Resolutions.  We all pick one or more things we're going to really work at in order to make our personal lives a little better.  This leads to another tradition for millions of people: the breaking of the New Year's Resolutions.  So on this first day of Daylight Savings Time, I decided to see where I stand with my list.

I joined the majority and resolved to lose weight.  I'd had a few false starts on Weight Watchers after one very successful run where I lost 40 pounds.  But I got cocky and haven't been able to stick with it.  But this time, it would be different.  No it won't.  I've been getting larger by the minute and am starting to have a hard time fitting into my jeans.

I was going to improve my job situation.  As of today, I've done very little to that end.

Writing.  I was going to blog more often.  So far, I'm averaging one blog entry per month.  I was also going to finally get started on that screenplay or sitcom or short film.  Aside from a couple of good ideas I have, there has been no progress in that direction.  I do carry my laptop around in case I get inspired.  Sometimes I even carry around a small notebook that a very cool creative director bought for me.  That book has one page written on.

I was going to communicate more and stop making people guess how I'm feeling.  Maybe stop being so stubborn and argumentative with certain people.  If those people read this blog, they could attest to the fact that this hasn't happened.

I didn't resolve to find out why I can seem to stick to anything.  But I have done something towards that end.  I've decided to start taking Ritalin.  Time will tell if that's going to be helpful.

Aside from all that, the first quarter of 2008 will draw to a close with one thing for sure: I suck.

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Anonymous said...

You, most definitely, do NOT suck!!!!