Monday, March 10, 2008

The Grand Experiment

The thing about working on pharmaceutical advertising is the false feeling that you have whatever you're selling.  At any given time, I believed I had diabetes, erectile dysfunction and an enlarged prostate.  But then I started working on ADHD.  Everyone at some time or another thinks they have it and they use it as an excuse for almost everything.  The symptoms are common enough: distraction, disorganization, struggling to focus.  Who amongst us hasn't had that?  But having it for years and years...that's the clincher.  And there are a number of self tests you can take to make sure.  I did and according to my doctor, I definitely had it based on one test and was borderline based on another.  I doubt anyone who knows me is surprised by this.  My mom, who helped me answer questions about my childhood, was completely expecting the positive diagnosis.

So should I get treated?  I was thinking about Strattera, which is a more gradual approach to getting relief.  Who needs something as drastic as a stimulant? But my doctor wanted to try something that wouldn't take too long to get out of my system in case there were and problems.  So he recommended Ritalin to start.

Will this help me?  Will I finally stop putting off all those things I've always wanted to do, like write more often or be able to sit through a meeting without needing to get up and walk around?  Will I stop staring out the window all the time?  And what about my untapped potential?  Is it possible that I could be much better than I've ever been once I'm more focused?  That would be exciting.

So I'm starting today, March 10th.  Stay tuned.  Let's see what happens.

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