Friday, January 14, 2011

Anyway, I was saying that you know the subway people are lying 'cuz you waited 15 minutes for a train. How could anything possibly be in front of you?

I also went looking for a challah which, in Manhattan, should be a cinch. Another fail. You'd think a bakery called Hot n Crusty would have one. Sadly, this location had pizzas and salad. Just like every other deli in the city.

I miss the Zaro's in Port Authority. Jeez, one mouse and they shut the place down. Snobs.

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Diana said...

The idea of eating anything from a place called Hot and Crusty makes me gag a little.

Also, why didn't you to go Grand Central Market? There's a Zaro's in the basement, and I am sure that isn't the only place to get one in that market.

Also? Amish Market.