Saturday, January 22, 2011

Suburban Angst

It's been a pretty brutal winter so far but at least they've been convenient. It would snow at night or on a weekend so I'd be able to get the shoveling/plowing done without having to worry about anything freezing up while I'm at work. The latest "storm" wasn't so cooperative. It was scheduled to start after midnight on Friday and go until around 8. So that left me with something to lose sleep over (of course, the things that make me lose sleep tend to lean towards the ridiculous). When do I shovel? Will it still be snowing? How bad will the driveway be if I shovel too early?

Is there such a think as City Angst?  What do you city dwellers angst about?  The shoveling is done by doormen.  Subways usually run.  Do food deliveries take longer?

Anyway, we're expecting another storm next week.  How much?  What time?  Will school be canceled?  Will I have to cancel any meetings or appointments?  Will I be stuck in the house all day? There goes  sleeping for awhile...


Diana said...

City angst:

Will I get bedbugs or roaches from my neighbors?

Why does the hallway always smell like a soup made out of boiled socks and curry?

Will they raise my rent or ask me to move out at the end of my lease?

Anonymous said...

Food deliveries generally take the same, but it's customary to tip more amidst a blizzard.