Tuesday, January 04, 2011

I Am Hebrew, Hear Me Kvetch

It snowed last week, which was a big deal 'cuz it'd been awhile since we've had any significant snowfall. And then it was just me and my snowblower against a couple of feet of powdery snow. And the wind. And the plows. I even started doing the neighbors' driveway since they were out of town (it turns out that they were home and were wondering why I was plowing their driveway; that's a whole different story).

After all that, I returned to get rid of all the snow that blew back onto the driveway. And the snowblower started up just fine. But the wheels decided not to turn.

Of course this has to happen right after a blizzard. It can't happen in the spring (and why would it? That's just stupid.). I try pushing it anyway but no dice. So now I have to use a shovel and do actual work! Then I have to fix the thing.

I'm not mechanical. I'm impressed when I change a dimmer switch without shorting out the whole neighborhood. But there's something about the idea of paying someone to fix something that turns me into Ralph Kramden or Fred Flintstone or any other sitcom guy who tries to fix things by himself. I had this thing fixed last year and actually got it off the ground and into the back of the minivan. No way I'm going through that again.

Fixing the snowblower would require me to read...

THE MANUAL!!!!! (cue ominous music)
I'm anal so naturally, I have the manual tucked away in a drawer in my toolbox. And I can't really make heads or tails out of the pictures but I do know that I can't do anything until I remove the screws and bolts as shown in figure 27 and 28.

While doing this, I hear something rattling around. Ah ha! Something's loose! Well I just need to get the cover off and tighten whatever needs tightening...

And then something falls to the floor.

Crap. This is supposed to be one piece. Where the hell does it go?

I give up for now. I'll get back to it this weekend.

There's no snow in the forecast, is there?

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