Saturday, January 01, 2011

Blast From The Past

I tend to get pretty nostalgic from time to time, perhaps lamenting the loss of my Peter Frampton cassette a little too much. I found an old journal I kept when I was in first grade and read that from marbled cover to marbled cover (I had pizza on April 18th, 1975). And then there are the journals I kept about 10 years ago—an example of emotionally destructive nostalgia.

But it was a recent iPhone sync attempt that brought me back just a few years. It turns out that around 550 of my songs were purchased under a different iTunes account. Not only do I not remember having a different account, but it means I've
spent at least $550 on music. Holy living crap.

But I digress.

So I manage to log onto my old Hotmail account which hasn't been used in, like, forever. I wonder how long it took for the account to get shut down?

Turns out it never was! More nostalgia! Almost 40,000 unanswered e-mails.
  • There are the e-mails from Gary Hart and Howard Dean back in '05 which reminded me of how pissed I was that Bush won in '04.
  • The e-mails from Atkins in '06. I guess I was on a zero carb kick.
  • A ton of e-mails from Rolling Stone, which made me remember how I thought I'd be more relevant by getting e-mails from a magazine like Rolling Stone.
  • An e-mail from MGM on the day Basic Instinct 2 came out (3/31/06).
  • My friend Laura sent me an e-mail last summer, reminding me of the time we met at Coney Island for the Nathan's Hot Dog eating contest. 2001, I think. It was the first time Kobayashi competed and the last time the average person could wander around and stand wherever they wanted (last year, over 40,000 spectators showed up).
  • Lots of offers of dream dates and stripper movies.
  • Sadly, a large number of job opportunities from and I'm afraid to look at them.

Waxing nostalgic is supposed to remind one of the good old days. I'm not so sure that's the case here. I'll have to check on some of the dream dates e-mails to be sure.


Diana said...

"...and the last time the average person could wander around and stand wherever they wanted."

I went to a Mets game in the summer of 2001 with friends. It was a day game, and we bought a bunch of 20 oz 7UP bottles, dumped out 80% of the soda, and filled the rest up with vodka. We were rip-roaring drunk before the first pitch.

Whenever I reflect on that day, two things come to mind: 1. Being hung over at 4PM is awful and 2. We will never again live in a world where we could bring a beverage into a public meeting place like a baseball stadium because of 9/11.

You're making me miss blogging, by the way.

recklessmediocrity said...

Surprised you didn't get any Publishers Clearinghouse Winner notifications...